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Vision 30

Career Coaching for Young Professionals

6 Reasons Why You Won’t Make It

There are a lot of great resources available that outline formulas of success in pretty much any area you wish to be successful.  Normally, what holds people back from execution and “making it” is the unproductive ‘stuff’ they continue to do.

I Made It!What needs to happen in your world for you to be able to say:

“I Made It!”

What does “Made It!” mean to you?

We are all on the same mission and fighting the same fight to live a life of meaning and fulfillment and to have a sense of security that we “made it” or are in the process.

Though this journey will involve and impact others, it’s very personal. Your attitudes, emotions, and actions will dictate if and when you’ll ever be able to utter those three prideful words: “I Made It!”

Here are six reasons you won’t make it!

  1. Your Attitude Sucks
    Your attitude about other people sucks.  Your attitude about yourself sucks.  And your attitude about what is possible sucks.
    I can’t think of one benefit of having a crappy attitude.  If you have a bad attitude, for your own good, you must work to change it.
    Read How to Create a Positive Attitude from!
  2. You Don’t Know
    You don’t know yourself. You don’t know what “make it” means to you. You haven’t given much thought to your values, passions, and talents.
    I came across a great online tool last week called the Mission Statement Generator. The process of writing a mission statement is a great way to “get in the know” and may provide some much-needed clarity.
  3. You Don’t Believe
    You don’t believe in yourself. You don’t believe your “make it” is possible. You don’t believe the positive things people tell you. You don’t believe you deserve it.
    A friend of mine recently wrote a post called The Tipping Point where he talks about the power of your belief system.
  4. You Don’t Need Help
    You are independent person and you’ll be damned if you are going to depend on someone else to get what you want.
    In 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey talks about his “Maturity Continuum” where he outlines three levels of maturity: Dependence, Independence, and Interdependence.  Though you can reach success being independent, your potential is far greater when you involve others.
    Click here to watch a video that talks about this.
  5. You Don’t Try
    Let’s face it, it’s initially a lot easier to go through the motions without putting in a lot of effort.  Plus, trying is risky! What if you don’t succeed? What will people think?  What if it’s too hard?
    Check out Ditching Your Comfort Zone” in Psychology Today!
  6. You Are Not Ready
    I often get approached by people who communicate they desire something to be different.  When I start asking them questions, they put little effort in answering them.  When I recommend a course of action, they rarely execute.  So rather than forming the opinion that people are unmotivated and lazy, I just settle on the fact that they simply are not ready yet.  So… maybe you’re just not ready.  In grad school a professor used to say “People change for two reasons:1. Fear 2. Opportunity”.  You may not be ready because either things aren’t bad enough or the opportunities aren’t good enough to make you start knowing, believing, trusting, and trying.
    Only you can answer the question: Am I Ready?
    If you think you are than it’s time to start taking action.  Check out this article at Psychology Today titled: How to Get Motivated.

For how painful it can be, growth is not always possible without challenge and sometimes we need to hear things we don’t want to hear.  This is where the opportunity lies.
What will you do with it?

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6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers via


Do you know what strategy is?

Do you know the difference between strategy and a tactic?

Strategy is a concept people use a lot when they talk about how they are going to accomplish something.  Most of the time they are describing tactics . . . not strategies.

Understand the difference!

Strategy is a bigger picture philosophy on how you might accomplish a goal and tactics are the actions within the philosophy that will help you reach it.

A few examples:

A weight loss strategy I have is to focus on calorie burn.  The tactics I will use will be running and kick boxing.

Because the opposing team’s run defense is weak our strategy is to run the ball 75% of the time and pass it 25% of the time.  Options, sweeps, draws, and traps are all tactics that will help us accomplish the goal.

A sales professional identifies that CEO’s of senior living organizations are a great fit for their services.  Their strategy is to focus their attention on the senior living industry.   Social media, direct mail, phone calls, and event invitations are tactics they will use to get their attention and create awareness.

Make sense?

In my experience, people don’t understand strategy, they understand tactics.  Short term success might be dependent upon tactics, but long term and sustainable success will be dependent on your strategy.

What is your strategy?

What’s your strategy to be the leader you need to be to live the life you want to live?

It’s easy to create your daily or weekly to-do list, but what are you basing that off of? What is your 2 year vision?  What do you want your life to look like when you’re 30, 35, or 40?  Most people create their daily and weekly to do list off of today’s demands rather than tomorrow’s dreams.   This is bass ackwards!

Today’s tactics must align with your vision strategy!

Inc.comThis morning I came across a great article at that discusses this, as well has a great video talking about “Making Bold Moves”.

6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers

  1. Anticipate
  2. Think Critically
  3. Interpret
  4. Decide
  5. Align
  6. Learn

Click here to read the article and watch the video!

We live in a quick fix, easy out, path of least resistance, and instant gratification society.  People make choices for today with little thought of tomorrow.  When you understand strategic thinking and the importance of creating a vision, everything you do will give you instant gratification because it’s more purposeful and contributes to the strategic vision for your world.

Become a strategic thinker!

How strategic will you be by 30?


6 Traits of Great Leaders –


Here is a great piece from titled “6 Traits of Great Leaders”.

  1. They surround themselves with smart people.
  2. They demand accountability.
  3. Inc.comThey understand the power of thank you.
  4. They truly inspire others.
  5. They are engaged in their surroundings.
  6. They seek out positive energy.

Read the entire article here:

How could your world change if you developed these six traits?

What kind of leader can you be by 30?