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Vision 30

Career Coaching for Young Professionals

Your Dream Career

What is your dream career?

As a recruiter and career coach, I get my fair share of people reaching out and sending me their resumes.  Early in our conversations, one of the first questions I ask them is “What is your dream career?“.  It’s startling how many people aren’t able to answer this.  These are professionals who have been ‘playing the game’ and having success for a few years now.  For whatever reason, they are ready for their next move, but they just aren’t sure what that next move is and they aren’t quite sure how to figure it out.

What is your dream career?Think about this!  You are likely going to spend 40+ hours per week of every single week for many many many many many weeks to come working in a career.

That’s a long time!

Isn’t it worth taking the time and energy NOW to figure out what you want that to look like?

Some questions to ask yourself?

  • What kind of organization do I want to work for?
  • What is important to me?
  • What excites me?
  • What am I good at?
  • What do I love doing?
  • What impact do I want to make?
  • What do I want to be known for?
  • What legacy do I want to leave?
  • What do I deserve?

When you start asking yourself questions like these, you start to focus on what is important and meaningful to you.  And believe me . . . you want a career that is meaningful to you!

There are too many people doing things they don’t love doing.  There are too many people who are stuck in a position because they never thought about the impact they wanted to make.  There too many people who are scared of change.

That doesn’t have to be you!

What dream career will you be pursuing by 30?

6 Reasons Why You Won’t Make It

There are a lot of great resources available that outline formulas of success in pretty much any area you wish to be successful.  Normally, what holds people back from execution and “making it” is the unproductive ‘stuff’ they continue to do.

I Made It!What needs to happen in your world for you to be able to say:

“I Made It!”

What does “Made It!” mean to you?

We are all on the same mission and fighting the same fight to live a life of meaning and fulfillment and to have a sense of security that we “made it” or are in the process.

Though this journey will involve and impact others, it’s very personal. Your attitudes, emotions, and actions will dictate if and when you’ll ever be able to utter those three prideful words: “I Made It!”

Here are six reasons you won’t make it!

  1. Your Attitude Sucks
    Your attitude about other people sucks.  Your attitude about yourself sucks.  And your attitude about what is possible sucks.
    I can’t think of one benefit of having a crappy attitude.  If you have a bad attitude, for your own good, you must work to change it.
    Read How to Create a Positive Attitude from!
  2. You Don’t Know
    You don’t know yourself. You don’t know what “make it” means to you. You haven’t given much thought to your values, passions, and talents.
    I came across a great online tool last week called the Mission Statement Generator. The process of writing a mission statement is a great way to “get in the know” and may provide some much-needed clarity.
  3. You Don’t Believe
    You don’t believe in yourself. You don’t believe your “make it” is possible. You don’t believe the positive things people tell you. You don’t believe you deserve it.
    A friend of mine recently wrote a post called The Tipping Point where he talks about the power of your belief system.
  4. You Don’t Need Help
    You are independent person and you’ll be damned if you are going to depend on someone else to get what you want.
    In 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey talks about his “Maturity Continuum” where he outlines three levels of maturity: Dependence, Independence, and Interdependence.  Though you can reach success being independent, your potential is far greater when you involve others.
    Click here to watch a video that talks about this.
  5. You Don’t Try
    Let’s face it, it’s initially a lot easier to go through the motions without putting in a lot of effort.  Plus, trying is risky! What if you don’t succeed? What will people think?  What if it’s too hard?
    Check out Ditching Your Comfort Zone” in Psychology Today!
  6. You Are Not Ready
    I often get approached by people who communicate they desire something to be different.  When I start asking them questions, they put little effort in answering them.  When I recommend a course of action, they rarely execute.  So rather than forming the opinion that people are unmotivated and lazy, I just settle on the fact that they simply are not ready yet.  So… maybe you’re just not ready.  In grad school a professor used to say “People change for two reasons:1. Fear 2. Opportunity”.  You may not be ready because either things aren’t bad enough or the opportunities aren’t good enough to make you start knowing, believing, trusting, and trying.
    Only you can answer the question: Am I Ready?
    If you think you are than it’s time to start taking action.  Check out this article at Psychology Today titled: How to Get Motivated.

For how painful it can be, growth is not always possible without challenge and sometimes we need to hear things we don’t want to hear.  This is where the opportunity lies.
What will you do with it?

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Drive, Ability, and Knowledge



Hiroshi MikitaniHiroshi Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten Inc. wrote a short piece that can be found on LinkedIn titled:

“The Fool Proof Method for Predicting Individual Success”

Read his entire article here!

He says the successful business person has three traits:

  • Drive
  • Ability
  • Knowledge

That’s a great foundation for any success in life.

I don’t care if you are trying to lose weight, save money, or have a meaningful relationship with your family, you need to:

  • Know how to do it
  • Have the ability to do it
  • Be driven to do it

Simply ask your self the following question “Am I getting the results I want?”  If not, follow that up with “Do I have the knowledge, ability, and drive to get the results I want?”

Be honest with yourself and if the results you desire are meaningful enough, you’ll do what you need to do to achieve them.  If they really aren’t that important to you, you won’t.

It’s up to each one of us to make the necessary changes to get the results we want and live the life we want to live.

What are you waiting for?


How knowledgeable, able, and driven will you be by 30?

Nine Things Everyone Should Be Able To Do By Age 30

No need to reinvent the wheel here!

Check out this article from Business Insider that outlines 9 things you should be able to do by 30.

Are there any others you would add?

  1. How to budget
    Whether you’re looking ahead to your 30th birthday or are smirking  from a place of divine wisdom, check out these 10 things everyone should know by  30—and tell us what you think.
  2. How to cook a signiture dish
    Living off nothing but pasta and canned tuna is all well and good when you’re  fresh out of college or still embracing your inner bachelor, but at a certain  point, your palate should mature—without your wallet picking up the slack.
  3. How to write professionally
    Sure, you speak and write English, but when occasion calls, can you draft a  cover letter, résumé or email that commands attention? Your career could depend  on it.
  4. How not to part with your hard-earned cash
    Sure, your 20s may be the decade of impulse buys, but with age should  come fewer occasions for buyer’s remorse.
  5. How to change a flat tire
    Changing a tire in the cold by yourself sounds way less than fun, but this adult  skill can save you in a bind, both in terms of money and safety.
  6. How to look up your credit report
    Your credit is one of the most fundamental building blocks of your financial  life. Solid credit enables you to do everything from getting a mortgage to  taking out an auto loan. Good credit also means you’ll be eligible for credit  cards with better perks and lower interest rates.
  7. How to manage your money… digitally
    You shop online, have made the transition to going paperless (after all, seven years of bank statements  eat up a lot of filing space!) and, if you’re a responsible money manager, by  now you ought to have made the leap to knowing where your money goes while  you’re on the go.
  8. How to move on
    We mean this in the broadest sense possible, whether it’s moving on after you  didn’t get the job you wanted, after learning that the mortgage for the home you  loved is way out of your price range, and, okay, sure, getting over old  relationships.
  9. How to strike a balance between work and life
    One of the hottest conversations in America is the perennial one about work-life  balance: From moms too busy to take maternity leave to more women than ever burning out in the workplace by age  30. Some experts have argued that the key is less about work-life balance  than work-life purpose, or prioritizing what’s important to you and  fitting it into a composite of who you are, and what you do with your time.

Our goal is to provide and/or pass along any insights and information that can make your world more meaningful and contribute to your quality of life.

Please take the time to read the full article at by clicking the link below!

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Manage Your Morning Messages



When I was in my mid 20′s I lived in Richfield, MN and worked in Minnetonka, MN.  My office was a 30-40 minute drive from my place and many mornings I filled that 30-40 minutes with talk radio.  Frequently I would find myself extremely engaged in the conversation and often times being very excited as I would be talking or yelling to myself in the car about what I was hearing.  One morning after arriving to work I realized how emotionally drained and frustrated I was and the more I thought about the more I realized two things.

  1. This wasn’t the first time.  Most mornings I felt like this.
  2. It was all because of what I was listening to on the way to work.

The messages I was listening to affected the quality of my mornings, which impacted the rest of my day.  The next day I switched the radio to a sports morning show and it was an instant game changer.  I went from being agitated on my way to work to laughing my ass off and arriving to work in a great mood.

What are your morning messages?

NOISEThink about what mood you are typically in when you arrive to work.  If you don’t like it, there is probably a reason why!  Simply admit it to yourself and change it.

How does your mood impact others?

This epiphany I had eight years ago changed the way I talk to everyone around me in the morning, because I don’t want to be a messenger of negativity.  A positive spirit is infectious and outside of the benefits you will experience, it’s pretty cool to think about the impact you can have on those around you, simply by managing what messages you are receiving and putting ‘out there’.

You impact those around you!

To me, this is a no brainer.  By managing your morning messages you will make yourself a happier and more productive person, while making those around you better too.

Sounds like a Win/Win to me!

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What are your BIG 5?

In this crazy… fast paced… dog eat dog world, it’s important to have an established set of rules that you live by.  A set of rules that have the final say in every decision you make.  If what you are about to do aligns with your rules, it’s safe to proceed.  If it doesn’t, then you don’t.

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?

If so, why are so many people driven by other factors than their own rules.

I believe it’s because most people just haven’t taken the time to set them.

Well, here is your opportunity!

Now, many of you are probably thinking to yourself… “What the heck does he mean by rules”?

Fair enough!  Let me give you a few examples from my world.

I have two children.  My daughter is 16 years old and my son is four years old.  I know… I know…  When people ask me about my kids I cushion the shock of the age gap by telling them I on the “1 every 12 year plan” and my next kid is scheduled for when I turn 44.  That seems to detract them from any follow-up questions.  Phew!

Anyway . . . back to RULES!

I have certain rules and expectations for my children and I need them to eventually take ownership of these rules and most importantly live them.  Because of their ages I have to communicate the rules differently, but over all they are the same.

I call these the “BIG FIVE” and they are in order of priority:

  1. Respect!   Yourself and others!
  2. Family
  3. School & School Related Commitments
  4. Other Commitments Made
  5. Friends

I have been “beating” these in my daughter’s head for years and have made it clear that her ability to have freedom in # 5 is 100% dependant on her prioritization of the previous four.

I use the example of my children because it’s much easier to judge the world around us and give advice or recommendations.  It’s important we learn how to do the same thing for ourselves.

Another example!  My rules.

When I set my rules I think about what kind of man I want to be and more importantly, what kind of man I need to be to become the man I want to be.  I think about my attitude, emotions, and actions.  I think about the different roles I play and responsibilities I have.  I think about my passions are and what gives meaning to my world.

  1. Everything I do has to be meaningful and have purpose.  I refuse to go through the motions.
  2. I have an obligation to provide value to the world.
  3. I must walk my talk and set the example.
  4. My mental, emotional, and physical health are the foundations of everything.
  5. Financial Security & Prosperity = Freedom & Opportunity

These are the rules I TRY to live by.  I’m not always successful.

I’ve done things where I’ve asked myself “why am I doing this?”.  I’ve behaved in ways that don’t align with the type of man I want to be.  I have eaten too much fast food and spent money recklessly.  It’s OK… it’s going to happen, but because I’ve established “my rules” I know pretty quick when something is off.

So, I challenge you to think about and establish “YOUR BIG 5″.  What are five rules that if you were to follow, will enable you to living a life of confidence and fulfillment.

If you’re not following your rules, you’re probably following someone elses!

What BIG 5 will you be following by 30?