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Vision 30

Career Coaching for Young Professionals

Manage Your Morning Messages



When I was in my mid 20′s I lived in Richfield, MN and worked in Minnetonka, MN.  My office was a 30-40 minute drive from my place and many mornings I filled that 30-40 minutes with talk radio.  Frequently I would find myself extremely engaged in the conversation and often times being very excited as I would be talking or yelling to myself in the car about what I was hearing.  One morning after arriving to work I realized how emotionally drained and frustrated I was and the more I thought about the more I realized two things.

  1. This wasn’t the first time.  Most mornings I felt like this.
  2. It was all because of what I was listening to on the way to work.

The messages I was listening to affected the quality of my mornings, which impacted the rest of my day.  The next day I switched the radio to a sports morning show and it was an instant game changer.  I went from being agitated on my way to work to laughing my ass off and arriving to work in a great mood.

What are your morning messages?

NOISEThink about what mood you are typically in when you arrive to work.  If you don’t like it, there is probably a reason why!  Simply admit it to yourself and change it.

How does your mood impact others?

This epiphany I had eight years ago changed the way I talk to everyone around me in the morning, because I don’t want to be a messenger of negativity.  A positive spirit is infectious and outside of the benefits you will experience, it’s pretty cool to think about the impact you can have on those around you, simply by managing what messages you are receiving and putting ‘out there’.

You impact those around you!

To me, this is a no brainer.  By managing your morning messages you will make yourself a happier and more productive person, while making those around you better too.

Sounds like a Win/Win to me!

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