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Vision 30

Career Coaching for Young Professionals

Your Passion in 3 Easy Steps

Vision 30 Audio

Passion is one thing leaders have in common.  It’s passion that fuels the confidence necessary to relentlessly pursue their vision and goals and keep Define Your Passionspursuing them even when times get tough.  One of the first steps in Personal Leadership is defining your passions and creating the fuel.

I’ve heard too many young adults who spent a great deal of money on school or are just two and three years in their career say:

I don’t know what I’m passionate about!

My first reaction is to say “Yes you do!”


You may not be able to define it clearly or you might be afraid to admit it, but you know.

Three weeks ago I received an email from a gal asking me if there were any assessments she could take that would tell her what she’s passionate about.  I said I’d do some research, but in the mean time I gave her some action steps and asked her a few questions.  I asked her to make a list of every job she’s ever had.  I asked her to share three things she really enjoyed about each job and three things she hated about each job.

She answered the questions!

As I read through her responses it was quite clear what she was passionate about.

  1. She loved working with people and building relationships, whether it was with coworkers or clients.
  2. She enjoys an environment that allows her physical and mental flexibility.  She can’t be chained to a desk and she has to be allowed be creative and innovative.
  3. She loves the healthcare/wellness/fitness industry.

These are the things she’s passionate about.  These are the things that interest her and excite her about the world.

Don’t deny the obvious!

If you can’t define your passions or you’re scared to admit your them, please complete the following three steps:

  1. Make a list of every job you’ve ever had.
  2. For each position, write down three to five things that you loved about them and three to five things that you hated about them.
  3. Look for the patterns.

If something you loved about each job had something to do with working with people, taking care of people, serving people . . . guess what?  You are passionate about working with people.

If something you hated about each job was having a defined schedule and punching a time clock . . . guess what?  You need an environment that allows you schedule flexibility.

Again, don’t deny the obvious!

When you start to identify your passions and you have the courage to admit them, they will become a compass that guide your decision-making.  When you do things that align with your passions, you will experience greater fulfillment.

This world needs passionate people.  Passionate people are more engaged people and more engaged people are more productive people.

Do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and figure out what your true passions are.

You already know!

How passionate will you be by 30?

Vision 30 Audio

One Thing I Learned In My 20′s Was:

Vision 30 Audio


My first job out of college was as a Graphic Designer at an advertising agency. When I interviewed for the position they were looking to fill two positions. When I got hired, I learned they filled the two positions they were looking for, but they were so impressed with my persistent follow-up, they created a position for me.

My first year in the real world was one of the more challenging years as an adult.  I had just graduated from school and had a false sense of reality.  They said some nice things about me so my ego was inflated.  I probably spent more time building relationships with my co-workers than I did working.  Finally, there was two or three times throughout this first year I really pissed my Creative Director off.

As I was eagerly awaiting my one year review I had this idea that I was going to walk into the meeting, get my 3% raise, talk about how great my design work was, and resume my life.

Reality check!

At my one year review I was presented with three options, in which none of them had to do with a raise.  If that wasn’t bad enough, none of them had anything to do with me continuing to work there either.  I was no longer wanted.  I was getting fired.

I was shocked, but I shouldn’t have been.  They had reasons to do this.  I had made mistakes and I was unprofessional at times.   Looking back, if I had been my Creative Director, I would have fired me long before he did.   We discussed a number of things that led to this decision, but for me it came down to one thing.

I wasn’t profitable!

Are You Profitable?I wasn’t profitable in my day-to-day job.  I was great at design, but didn’t understand business.  I didn’t understand that my employer billed their clients an hourly rate while at the same time they were paying me an hourly rate.  In order for the company to reach its goals I needed to complete my work in a certain period of time that allowed them to maintain their profit margin on each project.   I didn’t get that.

You have to be profitable!

Bottom-line, the survival of a business depends on one thing: Making Money!  If a company isn’t making money, it isn’t going to be around long.  If an employee isn’t contributing to the company making money, they won’t be around either.

The best way to be profitable and increase your value and job security is to understand the business you work for.  Not just your role, the entire business.  Take some time to understand the business from the leaders’ perspective. What are the types of things that keep them up at night?  How does your position in the organization impact these issues?

Career advancement, promotions, and raises happen when the people who understand the business recognize the impact you can make.  They value and need people who can make an impact.  If you don’t understand the business and how it makes money, how in the world are you going to contribute to the bottom-line.

Increase your value and understand profitability!

How profitable will you be by 30?

 Vision 30 Audio