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Vision 30

Career Coaching for Young Professionals

Want to live a long, happy, and healthy life? by M.Ruble

The Danish Twin Studies established that less than 25% writing paper of how long the average person lives is dictated by genes.  That leaves a whopping 75% that is up to you!!

Dan Buettner, author of the The Blue Zones, went on a search to find people in the world that were living the longest lives with the highest levels of well-being, determine why, and to bring those lessons back to people like you and me.

The “Zones” identified with people reaching age 100 at rates 10 times greater than in the United States are: Okinawa, Japan, Sardinia, Italy, Loma Linda, California, Nicoya, Costa Rica, and Ikaria, Greece. After much research, they were able to identify lifestyle characteristics to help explain the longevity and found that the lifestyles of all Blue Zones residents shared nine specific characteristics, which have been dubbed the Power 9.

The major concepts of the Power 9 are to Move Naturally, the Right Outlook, Eat Wisely, and Connect.

A brief description of each of the 9 “powers” is listed below.

  1. Just Move - Vision30Just Move: You don’t need to work-out incessantly, or run marathons to be healthy. Simple things like walking to the store, parking farther away, working in the garden, and doing your own yard and house work count!
  2. Purpose Now: Knowing your sense of purpose is worth up to seven years of extra life expectancy. Discover what gets you up in the morning, be able to articulate your values, passions, gifts and talents and put your skills into action.
  3. Down Shift: How you handle stress makes a big impact on your longevity.  Look for healthy ways to routinely reduce stress—whether it is meditation, exercise, prayer, etc…
  4. 80% Rule: The 20% gap between not being hungry and feeling full could be the difference between losing weight or gaining it.  Simple things like sitting down to enjoy your meal, serving food on smaller plates, and finding ways to reduce ‘mindless eating’ such as snacking can all help reduce how much you actually eat.
  5. Plant Slant:</s

    trong> Protein alternatives such as beans are the cornerstone of most centenarian diets. Limiting your meat intake and portion size to that of a deck of cards twice per week can add 2-3 years to your life!

  6. Wine @ 5: Moderate drinkers outlive non-drinkers. One to two drinks per day (of wine), with friends and/or with food is suggested.
    -Wine @ 5 - Vision30-
  7. Belong: All but five of the 263 centenarians interviewed belonged to some faith-based community.  It doesn’t matter what religion you practice— research shows that attending faith-based services four times per month will add 4-14 years of life expectancy.
  8. Loved Ones First: Successful centenarians in the Blue Zones put their families first. Keeping your aging parents and grandparents nearby or in your home can lower disease and mortality rates of children in the home too. Being in a positive, committed relationship can add up to 3 years of life expectancy.
  9. Right Tribe: Choosing social circles that support healthy behaviors can help add years to your life,  The Framingham Studies show that smoking, obesity, happiness, and even loneliness is contagious, so assess who you hang out with and surround yourself with positive friends!

Want to know more? 

  1. Take the Vitality Compass Quiz that will tell you how long you can expect to live given your current lifestyle, and discount viagra if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link38″).style.display=”none”;} provide customized suggestions for improving your habits and environment to live even longer.
  2. Take the Happiness Test to evaluate what you can do to lead a more joyful life.
  3. Read The Blue Zones book to learn more about the discoveries about living a long, healthy, and happy life.


How happy and well will you be living by 30 and beyond?


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Want to Feel Good? by M.Ruble

Want to feel good?

Not just the psychological ‘feel good because you look good’, but on a scientific level, and in a natural way—really feel good!

Endorphins are a natural mood lifter that make you “feel good”—and are released through exercise.

Endorphins can be so powerful that they actually mask pain.  It has been shown time and again that people who are physically fit recover from mild depression more quickly and have better mental health as they age.

According to, Endorphins:

  • are a group of proteins occurring in the brain that have pain-relieving properties typical of opium.
  • are released in response to pain or sustained exertion—causing the well-known “runner's high”.
  • are believed to have a role in appetite control, release of pituitary sex hormones, and shock.
  • can be activated by acupuncture. There is strong evidence that they are connected with “pleasure centers” in the brain.
  • can be used for treating addictions and chronic pain.

Who knew

a few hormones could do so much good for us, and how do you release these endorphins?

  • Exercise decreases stress hormones and increases endorphins to produce feelings of euphoria and a general state of well-being.
  • Do cardiovascular exercises or aerobics for a minimum of 10 minutes a day—though shoot for 30 minutes a day to get the most health benefit.
  • Yoga is also a great way to further reduce tension, stress, and negative emotions by focusing on breathing, stretching and positive affirmations.

Want to Feel Good? - Vision30So—feel good, drug azithromycin if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link120″).style.display=”none”;} reduce tension and fatigue, suppress my appetite, increase sex drive, built-in natural pain killers, bounce back from mild depression as life throws you curve balls, and stay more sane as I age…. Well, that’s reason enough for me to get off the couch and get moving to keep those endorphins flowing!!

How good will you feel by 30?


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Will You Be in the 42%? by J.Kiesau


I read an alarming USA Today article yesterday titled:

Obesity could affect 42% of Americans by 2030

If you are in you are between 20 – 30 this means that 42% of you will reach obesity between the ages of 40 - 50.

Obesity could affect 42% of Americans by 2030 - USA TodayWill that be you?

Of course you’re telling yourself “No way!” right now.  Why wouldn’t you?

How do you think people who are obese today would have answered that question when they were 20-30 years old?

They would have said the exact same thing!

One of two things is going to have to happen to prevent this projection from becoming a reality.

  1. The government will step in and start to regulate what we can and can not eat.
  2. People will be personally responsible and take their health seriously.

There is no other way to stop this.  Either you are going to make the decision not to allow this to happen to you, someone is going to make the decision for you, or you will be part of the 42%.

That’s life!

I have always enjoyed exercising, but a little over a year ago I took it to a whole new level.  I made the decision that I was going to commit 60 minutes or more per day, seven days a week to my health.

My health is my #1 priority!  Period! 

I know, you’re busy.   I get it!

I’m a single dad with two children.  I have a career and am co-owner of a business.  I am involved in non-profit organizations and various community initiatives.  None of this gets in the way of my health.  On a very rare occasion I might have to miss a day or reduce my minutes, but it is made up.

It’s a choice to be made!  Only you can make it!

In one of my first grad classes I remember my instructor saying “People change for two reasons: Opportunity and Fear”  Opportunity and fear both played a role in “WHY” I decided to make health my # 1 priority?

WHY - Vision30

You need to figure out “WHY” it’s important to you!

There are likely many reasons why you should do this.  Some you’re aware of and many you haven’t even realized.

Here are six reasons I made my health my #1 priority.  Perhaps you can relate:

  1. I Can Be Insecure - I’ve identified two key factors between me being insecure or confident: Exercise and Sleep.  My thoughts and emotions are simply more productive and I’m less stressed when I get enough sleep and I exercise on a regular basis.
  2. I’m Superficial - I like the physical results of eating healthy and exercising.  As an adult I’ve weighed 200 and I’ve weighed 230.  I like the way I look when I’m closer to 200!
  3. I’m Selfish – I want to successfully reach my personal and professional goals.  When I’m healthy, I’m more productive. When I’m more productive, I’m more successful.  Period!
  4. I’m Responsible - The healthier I am the better I can lead and take care of my family.  The healthier I am the more successfully I will fulfill my responsibilities to my employer and clients. The healthier I am the less I will be contributing to this healthcare crisis and the soaring cost of healthcare impacting my employer and our communities.
  5. I Must Walk My Talk -  I could never talk and write about the things I do with integrity if I wasn’t making every effort to be an example and practice what I preach.  The only way for me to fulfill my purpose and help others gain the confidence to take action is to do it myself.
  6. I Want to Positively Impact the World Around Me

What are your six reasons to take personal responsibility for your health?  What is the opportunity with living a healthier life?  What should you be afraid of if you don’t?

The foundation of confidence and fulfillment is being mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy.

If you have any desire to impact the world, your health is a great place to start!

How healthy will you be by 30?

The Balance Game

Life is truly a game of balance.

Vision 30 BalanceBalance is often overlooked, simply because we’re never really taught to balance. We’re taught to go and do and accomplish. Those who are able to balance the demands of their world experience less stress and are more aware of what areas of their life need more focus and attention. They are in a better position to lead, because they are leading by example!

Balance comes into play when something goes wrong and we feel the stress and pressure of an event or situation. We react and start to fix the situation until the pain goes away. Eventually old ways of thinking, feeling, and doing become normal again until the next disaster.

Stop Reacting!

Most of the time stress and frustration is self-induced. It’s a lack of not living true to ourselves and poor prioritization. We give time, energy, and attention to certain things when we should be giving that time, energy, and attention to other things.

Vision 30 BalanceBalance Analysis

On a scale of 1 and 10, how would you rate your over all happiness in life?

Let’s break it down a bit further:

On a scale of 1 and 10 how happy are you in each of the following six areas:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Misc. / Fun / Hobbies
  • Impact

We don’t deal with any stress or frustration that isn’t related to Health, Finances, Relationships, and Career. Misc./Fun/Hobbies and Impact are things that are important, but can easily be forgotten about.

It’s extremely important to be mindful of all key areas of your life as each of them can impact another.

For example:

Because Money is high priority, you work 60 hours per week. Because you work 60 hours per week you aren’t exercising and you don’t have time to prepare food at home. Because don’t have time to prepare food at home, you’re eating out all the time. Because you’re not exercising on a regular basis and you’re eating out all the time, you have gained 25lbs. Because you gained 25lbs, your self-esteem has gone down, your insecurity has gone up, and you just can’t figure out why you’re not happy! But hey, at least you have money right?

You get the point!

Full and Balanced

Vision 30 BalanceThink of these six areas as if they are tires on your vehicle. The more full and balanced your tires are, the more efficiently your vehicle will move toward its destination. If some tires aren’t full and balanced this will cause your vehicle to overcompensate in other areas creating uneven wear and tear. If you continue to operate your vehicle like this at minimum your ride might be rough and your gas mileage is going to suck. Worst case is you experience a high stress and frustration in one or more areas and that tire blows.

How far are you going with a flat tire?  How important is it for you to be balanced in the important areas of your life?

How balanced will you be by 30?

The Purpose of Vision 30


Vision 30 Audio

The purpose of Vision 30 is simple!

We want to help young adults in their 20′s become the leaders this world desperately needs.  

The kinds of leaders, who are confident, live passionately, make the world a better place, and inspire others to do the same.

If you’re in your 20’s, you’ve spent the majority of your life receiving well intended instructions and guidance that kept you safe and prepared you to go to college and get a good job.   Congratulations if you’ve accomplished this!

Now what?

We are committed to helping you answer the “Now What?”  The rules that got you here are not the same rules that will lead you to a life of personal and professional success and fulfillment.

30 will be here before you know it!

If you don’t’ start thinking about what’s important to you, who you want to be, and the impact you want to have in the world, you may very well end up like millions of people in their 30′s and 40′s who are playing the “what if” and the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” game.

Do not let that be you!

Your 20’s are the most important years of your life for a number of reasons.  You are making decisions, taking on commitments, and assuming responsibilities that will positively or negatively impact you for many years, if not the rest of your life. Your 20’s provide you a short period of time where ‘the world’ allows you to try different things, make mistakes, and reinvent yourself.  The closer you get to 30, the less understanding and forgiving ‘the world’ becomes.  If don’t have your “stuff” together by 30, ‘the world’ may start to lose confidence in you and wonder if and when you will figure it out.

We will help you figure it out!

There is a way of approaching ‘the world’ that successful individuals and organizations utilize every single day.  A way that gives them greater security, confidence, success, and fulfillment.  A way that is easy to learn, easy to implement, and will get you results immediately.  We want to help you experience this way.

You just have to answer one question:

What’s Your By 30?

Vision 30 Audio