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Vision 30

Career Coaching for Young Professionals

6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers via


Do you know what strategy is?

Do you know the difference between strategy and a tactic?

Strategy is a concept people use a lot when they talk about how they are going to accomplish something.  Most of the time they are describing tactics . . . not strategies.

Understand the difference!

Strategy is a bigger picture philosophy on how you might accomplish a goal and tactics are the actions within the philosophy that will help you reach it.

A few examples:

A weight loss strategy I have is to focus on calorie burn.  The tactics I will use will be running and kick boxing.

Because the opposing team’s run defense is weak our strategy is to run the ball 75% of the time and pass it 25% of the time.  Options, sweeps, draws, and traps are all tactics that will help us accomplish the goal.

A sales professional identifies that CEO’s of senior living organizations are a great fit for their services.  Their strategy is to focus their attention on the senior living industry.   Social media, direct mail, phone calls, and event invitations are tactics they will use to get their attention and create awareness.

Make sense?

In my experience, people don’t understand strategy, they understand tactics.  Short term success might be dependent upon tactics, but long term and sustainable success will be dependent on your strategy.

What is your strategy?

What’s your strategy to be the leader you need to be to live the life you want to live?

It’s easy to create your daily or weekly to-do list, but what are you basing that off of? What is your 2 year vision?  What do you want your life to look like when you’re 30, 35, or 40?  Most people create their daily and weekly to do list off of today’s demands rather than tomorrow’s dreams.   This is bass ackwards!

Today’s tactics must align with your vision strategy!

Inc.comThis morning I came across a great article at that discusses this, as well has a great video talking about “Making Bold Moves”.

6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers

  1. Anticipate
  2. Think Critically
  3. Interpret
  4. Decide
  5. Align
  6. Learn

Click here to read the article and watch the video!

We live in a quick fix, easy out, path of least resistance, and instant gratification society.  People make choices for today with little thought of tomorrow.  When you understand strategic thinking and the importance of creating a vision, everything you do will give you instant gratification because it’s more purposeful and contributes to the strategic vision for your world.

Become a strategic thinker!

How strategic will you be by 30?


5 Reasons People Stay Stuck in Their Careers!


One of the biggest frustrations I hear people express is how much they dislike their careers.  A 3rd Quarter 2011 Gallup Employee Engagement Index says that:

  • 29% of American workers are “engaged,” or involved in and enthusiastic about their work and contributing to their organizations in a positive manner.
  • 71%of American workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in their work, meaning they are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and are less likely to be productive.

Are you kidding me?

Over two-thirds of our workforce is disengaged in their positions.  This means their are lot of people who are frustrated with how they spend a third of their day.

Isn’t that kind of depressing?

Forbes.comIf people are so disengaged with their jobs, why don’t they explore other opportunities? addresses that specific question in an April 16th, 2012 article titled:

5 Reasons People Stay Stuck in Their Careers

Stuck Factor #1: Avoid Confronting Change
Stuck Factor #2: Resist Growth and Maturity 
Stuck Factor #3:  Have Trouble Selling Themselves
Stuck Factor #4:  Associate Themselves with the Wrong People
Stuck Factor #5:  People Don’t Value Time

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

If you are part of the 71%, you’re not alone.  As you read this article, can you relate to any of the five reasons?  If so, what needs to happen for you to change how you do things so you are prepared for available opportunities.  At some point you have to make a decision if you are OK with being part of this 71% or if you’re ready to be part of the 29% who are “engaged,” or involved in and enthusiastic about their work and contributing to their organizations in a positive manner.

Only you can make that happen!  You must lead yourself!

What’s holding you back?


How engaged will you be by 30?

Do You Have Double Vision?


With few exceptions, anyone who has ever accomplished anything possessed
Double Vision.   Great leaders have Double Vision.

What is Double Vision?

Double Vision is the ability to look at a single situation and see from two different perspectives.

Future vs. Present

Vision 30 - Double Vision - FutureLet’s start with future, because frankly . . . that’s where you must start. If you don’t start with the future, you won’t think about the future. If you aren’t thinking about the future, you’re only thinking of the present. If you’re only thinking of the present, none of this matters because it’s not Double Vision.  Got it?

Double Vision starts with the future. 

Seeing the future is kind of like looking into a crystal ball. However, rather than you waiting for some mysterious image to appear, you have to create that image. Rather than waiting for your future to be defined, you must define your future. 

Take control!

Once you define your future and know what you want your world to look like, you must understand where you are today. Understanding where you are today compared to what you want your world to look like is the first step in setting goals and creating your plan to get there. If the future you defined aligns with your passions, values, and expectations every step in your journey will be rewarding and purposeful.

Enjoy the journey!

Double Vision is your ability to recognize how the present impacts the future. Every single day we are faced with choices and decisions that either align with what we want our lives to look like, or they don’t. It’s up to every one of us to be proactive about our future and take personal responsibility for how we live today. Double Vision accomplishes both!

Will your vision be doubled by 30?

Did you find this post helpful?  If so, please share it with others.  Thanks!

One Thing I Learned In My 20′s Was:

Vision 30 Audio


My first job out of college was as a Graphic Designer at an advertising agency. When I interviewed for the position they were looking to fill two positions. When I got hired, I learned they filled the two positions they were looking for, but they were so impressed with my persistent follow-up, they created a position for me.

My first year in the real world was one of the more challenging years as an adult.  I had just graduated from school and had a false sense of reality.  They said some nice things about me so my ego was inflated.  I probably spent more time building relationships with my co-workers than I did working.  Finally, there was two or three times throughout this first year I really pissed my Creative Director off.

As I was eagerly awaiting my one year review I had this idea that I was going to walk into the meeting, get my 3% raise, talk about how great my design work was, and resume my life.

Reality check!

At my one year review I was presented with three options, in which none of them had to do with a raise.  If that wasn’t bad enough, none of them had anything to do with me continuing to work there either.  I was no longer wanted.  I was getting fired.

I was shocked, but I shouldn’t have been.  They had reasons to do this.  I had made mistakes and I was unprofessional at times.   Looking back, if I had been my Creative Director, I would have fired me long before he did.   We discussed a number of things that led to this decision, but for me it came down to one thing.

I wasn’t profitable!

Are You Profitable?I wasn’t profitable in my day-to-day job.  I was great at design, but didn’t understand business.  I didn’t understand that my employer billed their clients an hourly rate while at the same time they were paying me an hourly rate.  In order for the company to reach its goals I needed to complete my work in a certain period of time that allowed them to maintain their profit margin on each project.   I didn’t get that.

You have to be profitable!

Bottom-line, the survival of a business depends on one thing: Making Money!  If a company isn’t making money, it isn’t going to be around long.  If an employee isn’t contributing to the company making money, they won’t be around either.

The best way to be profitable and increase your value and job security is to understand the business you work for.  Not just your role, the entire business.  Take some time to understand the business from the leaders’ perspective. What are the types of things that keep them up at night?  How does your position in the organization impact these issues?

Career advancement, promotions, and raises happen when the people who understand the business recognize the impact you can make.  They value and need people who can make an impact.  If you don’t understand the business and how it makes money, how in the world are you going to contribute to the bottom-line.

Increase your value and understand profitability!

How profitable will you be by 30?

 Vision 30 Audio

3 Traits of a Leader


Vision 30 Audio-
As a Business Coach with E-Myth Benchmark I had the opportunity to work with small business owners all over the country helping them think more strategically and systemically about their life and business.  In the time we spent together we would discuss everything from their purpose for starting their business all the way down to the details of writing a phone script so there customers were getting a consistent experience when they called.  Out of everything we talked about, few things were more impactful than helping them realize they were leaders.

You must realize this too!

They understood leadership from a high spectator type level, but most never considered themselves to be leaders.  When talking about this, we kept it real simple.  We would talk about three traits they needed to possess as leaders of their business:  Vision, Action, and Spirit!


Leaders know where they are going and they have created a measurable plan to get there.

A leader takes action that aligns with their vision and goals.

A leader has an attitude and spirit that is infectious and inspires the world around them to be better.


These business owners made significant changes in their life and business, but their changes had as much to do with them seeing themselves and the world differently, as it did working through the E-Myth program.

They simply thought different!

When you think different you feel different.  When you think and feel different you will behave different.   When your thoughts, emotions, and actions align with something meaningful, you better believe your results will be different.

Imagine what your world could be like if you approached it with  Vision, Action, and Spirit, and you saw yourself as the leader you need to be.
What’s your by 30?

Vision 30 Audio

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